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360 No Dolby Dig Via SPDIF out on TV

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Hi guys

I have recently bought a new Panasonic Home cinema system. It has SPDIF In on it. I have connected my LG TV to it via the SPDIF Out on the TV. I have set up the TV to output Dolby Digital of the "Digital Audio Out".

Issue I have is with my 360 or Sky Plus. The Home cinema never shows that it is playing in Dolby Digital when connected the way described above. The 360 is hooked up via HDMI to the TV and set to Dolby Dig.

When I connect the 360 via SPDIF it reg Dolby Dig on the home cinema.

Am I just being stupid or am I missing something.
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have you tried to set he tv to stereo and see if it works.
I have y 360 pluged in directly into my sound system with no problems.
do you have your 360 connected to and adpetr ike below
http://www.xbox.com/NR/rdonlyres/1AA3050E-3B26-46E6-BAE8-1CB60BBE6CF2/0/boxHDMI.jpg//[img] the on the right.

did you select the source on the sound system as well,
like,tv,radio, etc
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