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First attempt (Noob) at anything other than XMP. I'm learning as I go but so far so good. Stock CPU settings pbo off with the TForce Xtreem's AGRB at 1.48v Vsoc 1.18. 16x2 dual rank Samsung B. My question is Latency. What's considered good? Any recommendations with the current setup? I game very light mainly War Gaming stuff at 1080/1440 but getting into more as I go lol...I'm 45 and in my day an Atari kicked ass.. Thanks in advance for any input. I did game on it for hours tonight with no problems but still testing stability overnight.....TM5 anta777

Stock XMP is 14-15-15-35

Gigabyte B450M, 5600x, Zotac1070ti, Corsair SF600, Cooler Master 212 RGB Black with second fan installed, (1) rear & (1) top exhaust with (3) front intake all 120mm


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