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360mm CLC iCUE fan curve? What's your configuration?

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I'm interested in people with 280mm and 360mm Corsair CLCs and the fan configuration you have, especially if it's cooling a Ryzen part.

Personally, I've set up multiple profiles in iCUE for encoding, rendering, machine learning, gaming, and general desktop use. The profiles are a combination of fan curves and fixed speed (up to 2,400 RPM per fan).

Please take a screenshot of your iCUE fan curves or profiles (if using a % or RPM).
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...what's the reasoning behind having more than one curve? 馃

not Corsair, not iCue, and not AMD ... but my curve on a Liquid Freezer 2 360 with Noctua Industrial iPPC 3000s =

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CB23 on loop while running Unigine peaks my CPU in the mid-80s, it's ~30-35% max in normal use.
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