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3700+ Stepping question

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How good is this stepping?

I plan on buying one from a guy on dfi-street for a good price (not gonna tell you!) But what can I expect from this stepping? Take in mind my cooling is a lapped CNPS9500
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"KAB2E - Comes in 2 varieties. The older KAB2E's from mid-late 2005 are decent overclockers which overclock to around 2.9GHz. The newer 2006 KAB2E's are overclocking like gems at the moment. An example of this is Crash's and Krunk Kracker's, which overclock to around 3-3.1GHz. In general KAB2E's require a lot of voltage to reach the higher overclocks."

So I could expect ~2.8 from it?
I would say so. Most sandys do but i cannot guarantee as it varies from chip to chip.

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