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3870x2 Performce & Cross Firing Quesitons

Are you able to crossfire ATI cards of different models...
So, what can i Crossfire my 3870x2 with?
Can that work with a newer 4850/4870 for example?!
or is there a limit on the age / spec of card??!

is the 3870x2 still a decent card to have?
The reason i am asking is becuse i am in process of going to get a new PC on the go......so was wondering is it worth keeping the 3870x2, CF with a newish card......OR
Getting a Brand new card?
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Originally Posted by OSDCrusher View Post
The 3870x2 is old. You can't crossfire a 3870 with ANY card in the 4 series, you can only crossfire cards from the same series.

Yould could always get another 3870x2 to cf it with
OR a single 3870

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Originally Posted by Valllldondo
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The 3870x2 cani be that mince now?...or is it?...lol

a 4850 or 4870 VERSUS 3870x2
winners are the 4 series i take it?

ignore current seup...in process of getting a new one...
is the AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition 3.20GH a CPU worth going for?

That's a great CPU. Definitely worth it if you want to go AMD. You'll find it is highly recommended on here.
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