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3D build

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I am trying to do my research on what to buy for doing 3d modeling/animation work. I want it to be something that is capable of doing semi-pro work, so it has to be able to do hi-res renders and weeks long of 24/7 rendering animations. Software I'd be using would be, Maya, 3ds max, V-ray, corell painter, photoshop. I honestly have no idea what I need to get processor, memory, video card, ect. Does anyone have experience with using these programs and what a good setup would be? Maybe give two one, a average cost (something that does the job...for a good amount of years), and a higher end cost? (something that will last longer)

A couple other questions;
I know every year things are upgraded and the best of a few months ago is no longer the top of its class, but is there something i can buy that would maybe last me fourish years of using this stuff?
Is it better to buy a custom built computer or one from say dell or apple?
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Originally Posted by Tylers View Post
http://www.prizerebel.com/index.php?r=509132 will solve all ur problems

Pretty sure that post is breaking TOS.
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Does anyone actually have some helpful advice/suggestions?
Since I'm in a bit of a rush I won't be too specific but I think an i7 920 would do you justice, with 6GB of RAM (or 12GB if you wish) and either a ATI FirePRO card or a NVIDIA Quadro.
-i7 920 cpu oc'ed to +4.0ghz easy (best bang for your buck)
-prolimatech megahalem with arctic silver thermal paste for cooling
-at least 6gb ddr3 pc3 16000 ram (might need 12gb, go with corsair dominator, kingston hyper x, or g.skill, your choice)
-at least 1 ati 5900 series gpu (might need 2 in crossfire)
-at least 750-watt psu (look at corsair or pc power & cooling)
-lga 1366 x58 mobo with at least sli config (i prefer asus, i love my p6t deluxe v2)
-full tower case with excellent air flow (cooler master haf 932 is good)
-for fastest hard drives, go with ssd's in raid 0. otherwise, go for a pair of wd caviar blacks in raid 0.
-plenty of case fans for ample air flow (look at noctua)
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