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Hey guys i want to go 3d and i need a little help in choosing parts. Now i know bits here and there but i might be wrong.

Now parts: Nvidia 3d vision kit costs 123$ no vat (i know brand new its a steal)
Monitor: Samsung SM2233RZ
Gpu: I am gettin a 460 1g asus Cu or cyclone
Now given the resolution is 1680x1050 (no 1080p 3d here :S but its fine by me), i dont need THAT powerfull of a cpu so i am thinking of getting a p55 based board (pci-e should be 8x/8x) that way i can sli later on. Psu i am thinking of xfx 650 watt its enough for 2 460s (unless i go crazy and overvolt/overclock everything, which i am not gonna do for now).
Now my options are limited:
Psu wise its either this 1 (xfx 650) or gigabyte odin pro 800 watt. But the price difference is more than 100$s :S.
Gpu: i am settled on the 460 also the monitor it cant be diff nor can i order from outside since i live in the middle east
. So no amazon or anything cause its just gonna increase my costs and give me headachs.
Mobo: its this 1: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16813130239
Its ~cheap and all i need oc wise and expansion wise.
i5 750 is the cpu.
Conclusion (sorry i made u read everything):
xfx 650watt psu
msi p55-gd65
i5 750
gtx 460 1g
4g ddr3 (g skill ripjaws 1600 mhz)
Is this pc good for 3d gaming??!?! at 1680x1050?
I can only choose different board, cpu, ram, gpu. What i cant change is the lcd and psu. So if u have better options for the cpu/ram/gpu/mobo link me

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Not a bad start, I would ditch the motherboard and go with the Asus P7P55D-E or the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3, Both are epic.

I'm assuming you already have the PSU, which is a pity since the antec truepower new 650 is better. Ripjaws for memory are epic, they go really well with the i5.

So apart from the above, I think it's a good setup. I doubt you'd have any problems.

I however wouldn't consider putting in a second 460 later on without another PSU.

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Seems like a good setup but maybe you should consider a better video card if it is within your budget.

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MSI should be fine-good P55 boards.The XFX 650w should be fine for SLi'd 460's.Another great option now is the GTX 450's in SLi.Dual cards scale real well and perform as well as the 5870 or better.Good build.

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you can get U.S. prices and parts and ship them through http://www.shipito.com/ . They combine all of your shipments and send them in one package. I did this when I spend a few months in china in order to get some things that are not generally carried in the stores there. Rather inexpensive also. I would personally get a better gpu if you plan on 3d gaming. A 460 doesn't get that great fps in many games already and playing in 3d cuts that in half
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