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3D Printing project.

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I am willing to fund (Shipping, material and labor) costs of a 3D printing project. 3 slot NV Link x8 bridges are hard to come by, I obtained this https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-Bridge-Spacing-100-2W-0029-LR/dp/B07HZFTNFQ?th=1#customerReviews and as stated the ends had to be cut off to fit and I am displeased with it. I am curious to see if anyone thinks they would be able to 3D print a matte black cover for the PCB portion of this SLI bridge with an OC.Net logo on it that could be affixed in lieu of the plastic cover. I would mail you the bridge so that you could take dimensions. Any takers?
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Ended up cutting of the tips and using JB weld to close the holes. Turned out better than I hoped for.


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