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3D Vision Surround 120HZ Acer different size...possible?

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Hi there!
I'm searching through hundreds of forums but no answer...

I just bought an Acer HN274H, 27" 3D Vision ready, 1080p, 120 Hz
I want to add 2 GD245HQ or the new GN245HQ (they're almost same product), to build a 3D Vision Surround. So I will have a central 27 inches and 2 24 inches on the sides.
I know that it works in 2D, but I wonder if it will also in 3D. All 3 monitors are 120 Hz, 1920x1080. So I guess should be possible..."guess"
Anyone knows?
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Probably not.

I tried 27" Acer with 23" Acer GDs, didn't work.

Tried the Acer GDs with an Asus VG, also didn't work.

I did read that there are one or two combinations out there that have worked, at least in the past.

Bottom line it doesn't make sense to try. And if you are using three monitors all with built-in emitters, that's a huge waste of money even if it does work.
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