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3D Vision Surround 120HZ Acer different size...possible?

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Hi there!
I'm searching through hundreds of forums but no answer...

I just bought an Acer HN274H, 27" 3D Vision ready, 1080p, 120 Hz
I want to add 2 GD245HQ or the new GN245HQ (they're almost same product), to build a 3D Vision Surround. So I will have a central 27 inches and 2 24 inches on the sides.
I know that it works in 2D, but I wonder if it will also in 3D. All 3 monitors are 120 Hz, 1920x1080. So I guess should be possible..."guess"
Anyone knows?
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They have to have the same sync polarity - it might work, but you're definitely taking a gable, and with the different sizes its going to look strange IMO - I would A. sell the 27" one and get 3 of the same 24", or get 3X 27" ones.
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