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27 inch 3d is like discovering fer the first time that yer wee wee has a magic special feeling jet propulsion power.

shame there is not a cheaper version without the emitter.
But I am going to justify the cost of an additional two, cuz I need to git more glasses fer my family who keep bugging me during my blu ray movietime. In which case...
@ $100 bucks fer extra nvidia specs I suppose it's only $49 bucks wasted on each additional built in emitter. And even then ... the extra monitors can travel to other parts of the house for a 3d family lan party! ( thats if you have a family that likes fun )

3 27 inch monitors on one desk is insane?
I absof*ckin'lutely hope so!

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Hey Caina...
At cheetahdeals.com they carry refurbished 27inch 3d Acers for only $539.
two of them shipped to md, usa cost $17.34.

I missed free shipping deal by a day! so the online chat representative "ask fer Rich" gave me a coupon code for 5% ( a search for online coupons only results in expired codes ).
A -$53.90 savings...
which more than offset the price of shipping! ( I saved $36.56 more dollars than if I had "JUST" gotten the free shipping )

$1,041.44 Total fer 2 Acer HN274H BMIIID compared to $1358 brand new @new egg.

1 year warranty for things to go wrong compared to 3 year warranty of a brand new unit.

Extended service was only for a year, otherwise for another year I may have considered it.
For now I have my fingers crossed that Paypal dispute service, 1 year warranty and the few good reviews for cheetah pan out in my favor.
Other than that...
If I have not had success in fixing broken monitors in the past ( replacing blown caps ) I may have not taken the chance.
In the description 3d glasses are mentioned as "included".
Not sure about the HDMI and DVI cables ( which would not be as problematic as a missing AC/DC power plug )


I got the last two units, however I got mine by adding my email to the notification list as well. ( These units go fast otherwise ).

If all goes well ( or not ) I'll update with outcome if anyone is interested in trying the same.
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