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3dmark - 12186 - does this seem low?

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below are my specs. the q6600 is at 3.0ghz even and gpu is stock. im no pro but this seems just a bit low seeing as my pos laptop scored a 3000.

edit: btw 3dmark06 is the said benchmarking software.
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No - That doesn't seem low. I have the same overclock on the 780i with a 9800GTX KO and even with the GPU OC'd as high as I can get her stable I cap out just a hair over 15000. When I had my 8800 it was 12500 and when I SLI'd my 8800's I capped out at about 14500.
well thats a bummer. hoping for higher but i guess. im hoping teither sli or go upgrade to a 260 if i can afford it soon. how much of an increase would i be looking for each? whats smarter?
260's are so cheap right now you cant go wrong with one of them. If you OC the cpu you could pull upwards of 20k with sli gts's.
would it be more gaming beneficial to me to go sli or single 260? because looking on ebay i can sling my gts for ~120.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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