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3DMARK Vantage Problems

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SO i ran 3dmark vantage and got a score of
The thing is that when i ran the test i got a few problems. On the first test Jane Nash i had a problem with the rendering of the water. The water just was going crazy. It was just going all over the place. At some points all i could see was white and blue from the water on my monitor. Everything else seem ok except the water.
Then on the test with the flags the same thing kinda happened. The flags were just going crazy. The shape of the flags was distorted and all over the place.
I thought it was my gfx card since i had it oc'd but then i put it at stock and the same thing happened

i7 oc'd to 4ghz
GTX 295 stock
6gb ddr3 1600
Asus P6t deluxe
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Temps on the components?
For the cpu i get about 58 on 100% load and the gpu around 70 on load. I tried reinstalling the drivers and it didn't work
ive had issues before with the space one. cant remember what its called. but try reinstalling vantage. do your games do weird things too?
I had this exact same problem with the GTX 295 in windows 7. It never had any problems with any games or anything, it worked perfect in vista. I think it's because of the RC version of 7. maybe the full version too. If you have dual boot capabilities give it a shot. (I thought my brand new card was toast). See if there are any vantage patches out there too.
I hate to dig up an old thread but now I am having the same issue. Before my OC I had no problems and got a 3dmark vantage of 26k. Considering we have a similar setup... I wonder what it could be?
reset ur nvidia 3d setting?
i had tis problem with my 5800 ati before.
but after reset my CCC 3d setting to default. it runs fine
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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