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The new beta ForceWare drivers (66.81) really improve 3dmark scores for NVidia cards. They're beta, a little buggy (people have complained about weird artifacts in certain games), but I thought I'd give them a go. My 3dmark score increased dramatically ...haven't run 05 with the new drivers, yet. With no OC'ing, my original score was a 7400 or so. With the new drivers, my score was ~8400. (I'm at work...don't have my exact scores)

I'm gonna overclock and break 10,000 (FINALLY). Came close one time last week, but the OC settings seemed a little...unstable. I was running 400/800 on my 6800NU. I wanted to scale back and start from ground zero.

I can't wait for the final release of these drivers.
Here's a link:


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