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3dmark06 closed in the middle of bench

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ok, i was testing aroudn with some overclocking settings, ive set my pentium D940 to 3.8ghz, with a 1.38volt, and my ram cl5 timings at 950mhz(linked with cpu)

anyways i was up to the 2nd cpu test when 3dmark closes rnadomly in the middle, what i know is my cpu was at 69 degrees, about to go 70, so if 3dmark closed because of the cpu heat or did it close because my overclock was unstable?
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It could possibly be both. How are the temps in your room? When was the last time you reseated? Most Likely it could be an unstable overclock.
hmm ok thanks for the quick replies, ima go reseat it now, and see if it idle temp is lower, hard to say the temp in the room id say 30C or so...

Originally Posted by Ando
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its not temps - if it was your temps it would shutdown the computer.

Its an unstable overclock - probs FSB, RAM or vid card....

yup its an unstable OC on the cpu
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