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3Dmark06 quirks

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Seems its not as accurite as 3DMark05.
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Whatever happened to quality in software
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Yeah, it seems that 3dmark06 is scoring more only on how your card keeps up to state of the art technology in games, not how well it can play every game.
I have been saying this since 3D Mark 06 first came out, X800 series got screwed because we cant run 1/3 of the test
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Well that means you have to skimp in 1/3 of the games basicly. Am I right or am I right? It may not be a performance loss at all, but it may not be the top notch avaiable either, even if it does offer little graphical boost.
I noticed that the 7800GTX 256MB beats the X1800XT in 3DM06, while in games the X1800XT beats the 7800GTX 256MB in just about every game. Looks like the accuracy of benchmarking has gone downhill. Futuremark needs a good competitor so they wont get so lazy.

Ill just stick with 3DM05 for now when comparing scores.
I noticed that it has to be glitchy as hell in the scoring... So you can't really support Futuremark because what I am about to describe is just ******ed..

Alright 2 exactly the same computers, with the exception of a few things..

They both have AMD 3700 San Diego's and 2 GB of ram...

Alright here I will break this down alittle easier then..

3700 San Diego, 4x 512 OCZ sticks, DFI Ultra-D, xfx 7800 GT: Score 4000~

3700 San Diego, 2x 1Gb OCZ platinum sticks, DFI UT SLI-DR, 2x XFX 7800GT: Score 3600~...

What the hell? Not only does the second system have a better ram set up, but its running in SLI and it still scores lower! Also the Clock speeds where the same on each computer... AND also another note is tha the second computer is a fresh build, literally 1 day after building it and installing windows and getting all the updates and drivers it scored lower than a comp with a nearly a half year install...

What the hell?
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Wow its worse than I thought lol.
his frames where similar to my x800pro modded
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