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3Ds Max Help - Rendering Car

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Ok, I started out modeling a audi, then I decided to make it my own. So ya, but I have run into some issues now, I left a little extra on each side so I can curve the body on the sides, but I am stuck on how to do this. I have been taking a 2 credit 3ds max class in highschool this school year, and this is for one of our lessons, I have to create a car that drives and responds to its environment.

If you can help, or give pointers, please let me know, everything on here was fully made by me:

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All the blue is one solid box, that has been molded to what it looks like now.
so basically your saying its a cube that you have distorted the vertices on correct??
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what book is your resource, i might be able to tell you what page to go to, so i dont have to type out everything, lol
We don't go by book, its mainly free style, or model off of pictures, although he gives us a project selection to choose from.
dude im sorry, its hard to be able to show you how to do it, i can tell you what selections to choose, but without walking you throug it, its hard.


this is one example, i can give you, if you can access the site, its a great beginners guide, i do have a whole bunch of tutorial websites to give you if you want.
Ya sure, that would be great, pass them along.





these are some ive added to my favorites, also, i do know you can visit autodesks website, and link to a free tutorial section that provides help and effects just for 3DS mask, you do have to sign up for it.

Hope this can help you man.
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also, if you can only do this from school, look into Blender.org, its a FREE 3d modeling program, and get you the essential blender book. great way to lear n as well
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