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40 to 1 - FPS drops in a 4870.

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Hi there!

Firstly i'd like to introduce myself quickly - i'm jos AKA teamleader, and fed up with manufacturers i started to build my own PC's about 18 months ago. i've had some mishaps (including blowing up a CPU) but that's all part of the fun. im noob, so don't flame on

I have just upgraded my power supply because the old one's fan was playing up, from a 400 (460 peak) Gigabyte P.O.S, to the Corsair TX series 850W psu. This is obviously an upgrade. So i switched everything over and after a couple of odd 'screen not coming on' errors etc, I reset the CMOS, re-sat my RAM and everything worked fine.

Anyway, I was playing some ARMA II
and I started to notice something. not only has my average FPS dropped slightly, but every couple of minutes my rate would suddenly drop to 1 for about a 1/4 second before resuming again (this is my fraps counter im going on). Obviously none of this was happening before the new PSU!

This wasn't happening before i put in a better power supply. Have i missed a step - did i need to reinstall windows / my drivers / my life ? I don't know. So i hope you can help me. My initial hunch might be something to do with the memory...

Don't laugh at my odd mix of specs (due to the blow ups when i started learning how to do this stuff).

CPU:e6320 1.86ghz (energy effient)
Mobo: terrible Abit I-45C
Memory: 800 mhz Hyperx (running at 667, see above
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
HDD: just some standard 250gb cheap HDD. (7200 rpm). i will find out if this is relevant.
I have a small case, but this doesn't seem to have too much ill effect on the performance, with good temperatures as far as i can tell. I have an extra fan for cooling at 100% all the time for good measure.

thanks in advance to anyone that responds, I really appreciate your taking time to help out an idiot
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This happened to me before. Fix was to clean drivers and re-install the newest ones. Worked after that.
wow, quick! thanks! I've just downloaded the drivers so i'll do a test now. I'm just really afraid i fried something knocking about in my PC. It was one hell of a scene, getting my girlfriend to hold the cables out the way while i frantically plugged everything in... like fighting the bloody hydra!
I agree with Chrisb17, uninstall the old drivers, install newest drivers, reboot
How much memory do you have? Random dips usually mean you're running out of physical memory and the OS needs to store the excess on the disk.

Also, you definitely need to reinstall your life when upgrading your power supply.
drivers/ give that cpu a overclock. For Arma II, 1.8ghz is nothing.
I can't overclock due to my crappy mobo that doesn't support it - or so i am led to believe. do you know a way around this sort of problem, kow ciller?

And on a better note - problem solved. I assumed because the computer booted up fine that both sticks (4gb total) were working - when in fact only one was! so Nathris was right!

Thanks for the help guys.
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