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I'm new at overclocking and I seem to have hit a wall. Looks like I maxed out at 2800mhz. My components are:
AMD 64 4000+
2 1GB OCZ platimum
Asus A8N SLI premium
1 Geforce 7800gt
Bios 1101
WD raptor 76gb
2 hitachi 160gb in Raid 0 Striped.

CPU Frequency: 315
PCI clock:100
DDR Volts: Auto
Chip Set volts: 1.5
HT volts:1.2
CPU Multi: 9x
CPU volts: 1.5375
PCI Clock Sync: Auto
HT Freq: 3x

Dram Config
Timing mode-Auto
Mem Clock-266
Tcl: 2.5
Trd: 3T
Trc: 20T
Mem Timing: 2T

I would think that this set up should approach 3000mhz. My 3DMark 05 scores are around 7050. I've seen scores posted over 9000. I know I'm not getting the true potential out of this rig.

Help would be appreciated

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okay, this shouldnt be very hard to get past, but you need to answer my questions. What are your temps load and idle with that voltage? your divider is 266, was your default 200 or 400? what speed is your ram running at? answer this and i have a solution.

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I also have a GH-PDU21-SC GIGA-BYTE heatsink and fan. Its a monster....

Here's the details you requested:
Temperature at Idle is 31C
Temperature during Prime95 was 47C
Mem Clock Index: Selection from 200 to 600Mhz. Currently at 266
DDR Voltage: 2.6V to 3V--Currently Auto
PCI express clock: 100 to 145: currently at 100
Chipset Voltage: 1.5 or 1.6: Currently 1.5
HT Voltage: 1.2 or 1.25: Currently 1.2
CPU Voltage: .8 to 1.55 + auto: Currently 1.5375
PCI Clock: Auto/To CPU/33.3MHz: Currently on Auto

Ran CPU-Z test

Under the memory tab

Frequency: 199.3
Cas/Latency: 2.5
Ras to Cas:3
Ras Precharge: 3
Tras: 5
Trc: 20
DRAM Idle: 16

Hope this helps.

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You most likely won't get any higher on your CPU overclock. Congrats though, that's a respectable OC! Your graphics card should score higher on 3DMark05 though, have you tried Omego or NGO drivers? Perhaps add a fan blowing on the card could help.

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okay, first if you want higher scores, raising your ram speed will help. because i believe that your ram has tccd chips which can hit 300fsb on their own. i also suggest raising your voltage a little more maby 1.55 and 1.6 if you can handle it. to reach higher ram fsb, you'll need 2.8v, please dont go over 2.8v if nothing else is working, put your chipset to 1.6v BTW: pci lock 33.3mhz to lock it so you dont corrupt!
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