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4000+(San Diego) @ 3GHz......

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Getting my Big Typhoon (w/AS5) today from newegg... so i am gonna try to get my cpu to 3Ghz stable. But i am wondering what will be the best divider and other settings to get to 3GHz and still have good memory performance?

PS.... here is my current setup w/ stock cooling
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Eww... Look at those nasty rails. You probabally aren't going to get much faster running on that PSU. You should look into upgrading that also.

With a Big Typhoon, I think you may be able to get to 2.8Ish GHz with a good PSU.
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yea.....i am waiting to get a Sunbeam NUUO but i was a little short on funds....but that is my next purchase
your best bet is to use these settings for 3.0...

250 x 12
HTT x 4
Vcore 1.55-1.6, this number is gonna need testing
Memory timings default
Memory voltage default
Memory divider (max memclock) 200 (400) 1:1

That should be it, if it doens't boot, it's your vcore. Dont go over 1.7
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tried that....wont boot(i think PSU wont give it the voltage) ......
here is what i am currently @ ......
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it's not booting because you probably didn't give it enough vcore...and your memory should not be running under 250mhz. Fix that problem.
update: My new PSU arrives today! (Sunbeam NUUO)
So with this new psu can i hit 3ghz? and how do i get more vcore than the settings in my bios with out volt modding? (no modding exp.)

here is my current setup ( http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/2245/4000feb5ld.jpg )
and here is the validation ( http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=69291 )
your memory runs 250mhz by default, any reason why you are running it much below it's "recommended" speed? That will give you problems right there running it like that I'm sure..

Originally Posted by Some_Idiot2

Eww... Look at those nasty rails. You probabally aren't going to get much faster running on that PSU. You should look into upgrading that also.

With a Big Typhoon, I think you may be able to get to 2.8Ish GHz with a good PSU.

What do mean "Look at those nasty rails" ? I'm curious what you looked at to identfy the need for a better PSU?
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The screenshot in the first post. Assuming that those reads are anywhere near accurate, having 3 volts on the +5.0V rail is grossly under ATX specifications. Even his +12.0V is low at 11 volts, minimum is 11.4 volts.
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Thanks Shadow for clearing that up for me. Now I got two more questions. Why is it called a rail and what was used to show those voltages?
most likely those aren't accurate.....Use everest home to monitor your rails to begin with. MBM is always a little quirky and needs to be setup properly to be anywhere accurate.
Even speedfan should show different readings than MBM
haha look at the voltages tahts what he means.

Its called a rail just due to terminology, probably has something to do with the fact that the old amplifier power rails used to be actual metal rails that allthe components drew their current off of. The voltages were shown in the system stats monitoring application that you can see at the bottom of his screenshot.
Hi floyd

just posting my finding here, cause i have a similar setup and am also attempting to break the 3GHz barrier so far have only been able to get to 2805MHz stable, have been working on the assumption that this is a vcore issue and sadly the A8N-sli deluxe only allows a maximum of 1.55V so looks as though am going to have to brave the plunge and get the soldering iron out.

Can boot up to 2.9GHz , but not prime stable and gives the ocasional BSOD when running long super pi runs.

Also just curious as to what your stepping is mines a KAB2E?


Oh and the setting i'm running at the mo are
HTT 255
HTT x4
CPU x11
Vram 2.7
Vcore 1.525 (cpu Z is showing higer cause have been fiddling about and it fluctuates a little)

And some pics

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my stepping is CABGE .... dunno if thats good or bad...
i can boot @ 2.9 to 2.925 ... not stable but close

vcore: 1.5
HTT 240
HTT x4
CPU x12
Vram 2.75

anyway... the psu didnt come today... so still waiting

i will post some pics once i get the new psu in!
I can get 3GHz easily. It runs OK for most apps but it'll never be "Stable". I can run Q4 w/no prob, but it locks up for CS:S.
well... got to around 2.9 stable (somewhat).... but i need more vcore, is there any way to get more with this mobo?
heard there is like a pencil lead mod or something....
There are loads of voltage mods for this board over at www.vrforums.com, but the chipset mod is the ony one that i know will work with a pencil. i did the vcore mod with soldering iron and variable resitor last night, I was cacking my self the whole way through, but it works fine and so far i can get 2.9 GHz stable, havn't got anyfurther yet cause had to sleep and have uni today, will try and post some pics for you tonight. Check this thread out http://www.vrforums.com/showthread.php?t=41735
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