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Originally Posted by Bys0n

Lo all,

K I have been overclocking for a few weeks now with great results I have pushed my 7800GTX to a satisfactory level and I got my X2 4400+ to 2.64 well so I thought anyway, I booted up yesterday and ran a benchmark and my cpu score was lower than normal, I opened the AI BOOSTER app I got with my mobo and it has reset back to the default grrrrrrrrrrr I rebooted to check my bios and in my bios everything is still clocked so why is it not working??

Asus mobos have a thing called CPR-Cpu Parameter Recall wich after a failed overclocking resets your settings to default. If you enter in the bios right after the CPR has reseted the clocks you will see the old settings (240x11) but in reality they are 200x11. A reboot should put them back up to 240x11.

After all, 240 seems a preety decent o/c, this cpu doesn't go a lot higher than that on air. To see those memory settings try nTune (www.nvidia.com), and it has a system monitor so you can watch the clocks.

Cheers mate!
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