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Hello overclockers.

I have a I5-4690k 3,5 Ghz CPU, and a Asus Z97-P Motherboard.

I wanna overclock the CPU, but to be honest i really have no idea how to do it. I have searched for some guides, but im concerned, if those guides actually works for my motherboard and CPU.

One of the guides that i found, explains to enable XMP, but i dont have the option to choose XMP, i can only choose Manual.

- So basicly, what im looking for, is an guide that explains me how to make a Overclock for my exact CPU and Motherboard, or atleast close to it, and an explaination of why i cant choose XMP. Maybe because of my ram, or anything like that.

Do i have to update my Bios, in order to choose xmp, and if yes, how do i update the bios.

I know its alot of questions, but i really hope that, one of you wise guys are able to provide or can help me out, to get my overclock done

Thanks alot.


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Don't worry about XMP. It requires a compatible RAM kit to enable.
It is only suggested to enable since XMP is basically the factory overclocked settings.

Any Z97 overclocking guide should work for you. Here's one for Gigabyte boards, most settings should be fairly similar, but perhaps in a different spot in the BIOS:

If something still doesn't make sense, don't hesitate to ask.
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