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4770K or 3930K

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I do a lot of video rendering, game streaming, high-end gaming... Originally I was -dead set- on the 4770k but I recently started to check out the 3930K and now I'm quite torn.

Big difference in tech - I mean one is Haswell, and one is Sandy bridge (Neither of those mean anything to me, but I assume there is a reason we don't use SB anymore, yea?) And the 12 threads compared to 8 is very nice for streaming but I can't quite figure it out... Because core-for-core the 4770K is going to perform better, right?

If I make the jump it ups my budget by $230 with the new(er) mobo but I'm still not sure if I want to do it. Input?
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If you only game while streaming I would say wait for the 4930k. But if you want maximum game performance maybe just get the 4770k.
You say you do a lot of video rendering, just for that the 3930k is well worth it.

However, I'd wait for the release of Ivy Bridge E (4930k or whatever they will call it) since it should be releasing within the next 2-3 months.
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Originally Posted by szeged View Post

If you only game while streaming I would say wait for the 4930k. But if you want maximum game performance maybe just get the 4770k.
Well, if he is doing video rendering for said recordings of game streams, then he should go imo for the 3910k/3930k/4930k.

I think the biggest bottleneck with any of those though would be how fast his storage is capable of being written to. Because you can have all the threads in the world, but things like After Effects, Vegas, etc. will actually end up in errors if the storage cannot be written fast enough to keep up with the CPU. And with 12 threads (SB-e), that is going to be quite fast.
Interesting. So you think the 4930K will be 3 months? Hmmm was hoping to go for a next month creation.

For Rending I use an 840 256GB that I swap out every 4-5 months. Streaming I do 100% live streaming with only a 50GB Temp "Catch up" delay. I -think- I'll go with the 4770K just because I'd like to get it -now-.... But still, the main reason I'm aiming away from the 3K series is because it's still SB logic. But does that effect me THAT much?

P.S> I also made a post (In the wrong section) apparently of my entire new system. If any of you can good with building PCs or know about Mobos/RAM I'd love your input.
If you want to build soon, you can't really go wrong with a 4770K. It's faster than the 3960X at most things, and uses less power as well. For gaming and general PC use the 4770K is ideal, plus with Haswell platform you will have the option to go with a 5770K next year, whereas X79 will be at the end of it's lifespan..
Man someone finally replied right AFTER I finally said "Okay... Going with 3930." I was nervous about that as well due to it's socket type (I think it'll go for a little bit because the IBe ones are coming out. However I would rather test this new Haswell system, and with 12 cores up from 8 my streaming would be much more fluid.
if you want a build for right now id say 4770k and either wait to see how the 4930k pans out, or even haswell-e.
3930k is a proven CPU, 4770k runs far too hot for the performance it gives it won't overclock as good as a 3930k on avg.
for the performance it gives? the 4770k gives excellent performance.
More cores is always better when it comes to Intel.
depends on what youre doing really, just throwing more cores at it doesnt always help. this isnt amd
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well might as well wait for 4930k since it is being revealed smetime between 4-11 september according to this-
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