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480gtx push or pull?

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im thinking of switching up my fans and adding shrouds and was wanting to know if there is a signifigant increase with pull with shrouds over push with/without shrouds.
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ira did a comparison a while back and found pull to be better on the GTX's.

martin also did a comparison to find that push is better on Feser's.

GTX's have a higher fin density while Feser's have a lower fin density. i'm not sure if any one person has done any comparative tests using the same fans and same shrouds.

but always use shrouds and the best is always Push+Pull+Shrouds
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alright thanks for the quick help.

Originally Posted by Dar_T
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Here you go. http://www.overclock.net/water-cooli...t-shrouds.html

Thanks Dar_T
This thread illustrates one of the reasons I pay careful attention to this forum and other forums like XS and [H]ardOCP. If an individual is not sure of the answer to a question or the answer is pretty drawn out and complicated most posters will be good enough to point the questioner in the right direction.

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