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4850 BIOS flash went wrong

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I just flashed the BIOS on my MSI 4850 and problems occured on restart.
The card will POST and get into windows with the screen flashing and then after about 20 seconds BSOD.
I used RBE to modify the BIOS, I didn't change any clock values or voltages but just enabled the CCC override hack.
I also flashed from RBE, which I now know was stupid but I have used it in the past and it has worked fine.
I have no idea how to flash the BIOS back since I can't run windows and I have no USB drive to boot DOS from.
I have an extra pcie card (nvidia) that I put in my top slot and moved the 4850 to the bottom, and tried to see if I could flash it that way, but winflash doesnt recognize the 4850.
So what are my options?
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RBE should recognize both cards once installed. Just put the bricked one on the bottom, and go into RBE. Then, select the bricked card, and flash it with the winflash extension. I had to do the exact thing once with a few 3870's...
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