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4850 Crossfire using different RAM

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I've been searching on the forums and wasn't able to find if someone else has already posted this. Sorry if someone has.

I'm planning to get another 4850 to crossfire with my current one and I'm finding that there are more 1GB ones than 512MB ones. Mine is 512MB, and my question is this:

Does it matter if I crossfire a 4850 1GB with my own 4850 512MB?

Again, I apologize if this has already been answered elsewhere.

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The 1GB will only be able to utilize 512MB of VRAM. That is the only thing that will happen though.
I dont think it matters, it should only use half of the memory on the 1gb card. as long as they are the same type of memory it should be ok.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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