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4850 Graphical Glitch Problem

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Well i am getting problems, mainly in COD games, of wall textures and smoke and cloud renders having a tint when i move my view.

For example if i move my mouse up and down and look at the sky it shows little pink squares in the sky, but not the whole sky. And goes back to normal when i don't move the mouse.

Is there a way to fix this?
Help would be appreciated :]
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Possible artifacting? are you overclocking the card? If so do check at stock speeds. If this occurs at stock, try seeing if you have heat-flow issues in your case.

It could even be a driver issue.
OK well i have tried with no overclocking, and with overclocking and it still does it with either.

And there are no heat issues either, only reaching 50 degrees and staying there.

I have tried going many different versions of drivers, and the 'artifacts' are there.

Any particular version?

Maybe a screenshot of voltages/system setup will help?

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As a former 4850 owner, I found that you definitely need to keep those things cool. It really is likely a heat issue. I didn't think SpeedFan monitored video cards - try using HWMonitor and making sure those temperatures correspond properly.
What drivers are you using? Try re-installing them.
Its only in Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty MW2 i have discovered :/
If you have Gigabyte board,there's an option in the BIOS like "video card boost" or something. Maybe you have accidently enabled it? You might have thought that it can boost your graphic performance. i suggest you to set it to normal.

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Have you tried the latest drivers(9.11)?
Well i changed the setting from auto to Fast. The other option was Turbo and this hasn't fixed the problem.

Ive been using the 9.8's for some time now, and the problem has only arose recently.
Download Gpu-Z and let it monitor the videocard temp while you play a game.
I have.
And let it monitored.
All temps stayed around 42 while the MEMIO barely hit 50.
I wouldn't say that is bad? :/

EDIT: And a discovery it normally only happens on walls that have light shining on the surface of them. And when i try to take a screenshot of the problem they don't appear in them.

So for example if there is patches of light on a wall, like holes in a roof, and the sun shines through these onto the wall, when i move the mouse in any direction around the outside of the patches of light it shines pink.
Very strange probablem....I run CoD4 with my 4850 and it works just fine aside for the occasional driver crash (1173Mhz Memory clock only artifacts in this game....) but other than that, perfect. Try uninstalling/reinstalling drivers.
Ill try that AGAIN i guess.

Uhm Kamui, what drivers do you use?
Uninstalled Drivers. Driver swept. Reinstalled. Same problem, sigh >>
the fact that no other games give you problems and your problem doesnt showup in screenshots tells me its a game problem. Uninstall all COD 4 games and files, reboot and reinstall them. If this doesnt work, uninstall directx and reinstall that. Ive had this problem before in the past, it was either the game itself or directx causing issues.
Formatted, still the problem occurs.

Maybe its to do with voltage, or perhaps i need a new card and psu? :x
Its normally not a hardware issue if several other games run fine and one game is just giving you problems. If its still doing after all that, im gonna have to say its a hardware issue of some sort. try the card in your buddies computer and see if thats the problem. Also, take the card out and put it back in, and also disconnect and reconnect the power cables going to it. Sounds crazy i know, but you never know.

Originally Posted by JaydeeAU
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Ill try that AGAIN i guess.

Uhm Kamui, what drivers do you use?

I think I finally updated to like 9.5 or something....I rarely update my drivers because everytime I do, I have to spend 20 minutes waiting for my card to get the voltage bump from the Auto Tune option in Catalyst so I can get it back up to 750/1173.
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