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4850 vs 8800GTX

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4850 vs 8800GTX

I got an offer for trades on my GTX 260 for

the 4850 + 50 cash

or the

8800GTX + 60 cash.
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Dont trade. Your GTX 260 is better than those two. If you REALLY need the cash go for the 4850, if youre folding---> 8800GTX
I need the cash
Well you get more cash with the 9800gtx, so if that's what you want get that. But in most cases the 4850 will be better than the 9800gtx.
stop buying/reselling. Youre losing money.

check my sig for comparisons m8
lol I bought the 3870x2 off of you then traded it for the GTX 260 (no cash involved)
4850 . If your looking to save money, you can save alot of power by going with the 4850
4850 + cash is the better deal

4850 is faster than a 9800GTX, which is faster than an 8800GTX.
Lol, i have owned both, and I will say the 4850 is much quicker than an 8800gtx
Well right now you can sell your GTX 260 for about $175-$180. A used 4850 goes for about $100 - $110 shipped, and an 8800GTX goes for about $85 shipped. So I would consider those prices before you trade.
Get the 4850. If you consider pencil mod you can take it to GTX260 level and more.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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