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4870 broken?

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hey all. As im new here. hello And its good to be here. As for my issue, I have an asus 4870 1gb which was overheating, and crashing in games with "no signal" now, when i go to boot the pc, *just* as it gets to the bios screen (post) I get "Hdmi no signal" on my monitor. and 2 red lights show on my 4870. D601 and i belive D1601. General power fault, and a heat warning? Now I have problems with neither of those things. 550watt psu (ac bel) with 50amps on +12v rails (X 3) Tried a coolermaster psu with 36amps, to no avail.

Someone please help me on this one?

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My 4870 just died with a D601 critical core power fault. Straight to RMA, don't pass go.
should i get another 4870 or a gtx 260
RMA the one you have?
RMA it, or get a 5770. Its basically the same thing as a 4870, but with DX11 support, and better CF scaling. 4870 is a bit better than a gtx 260 and cheaper.
I will look into the 5770 then. thanks man

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I will look into the 5770 then. thanks man

You can give the dead one to me

Why don't you RMA the dead card?
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