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4870 shuts "down"

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Hey all. Its me again
This new pc i have , (amd athlon 5200+ 6gb ddr2 ram, asus 1gb 4870) Refuses to play games. Let me explain. I fire up a game. cod 4..mirrors edge..etc and sometimes 30 seconds into gameplay. I get a "bbbrrrrrrrrt" sound. and "HDMI NO SIGNAL" comes up. Also this can range between 30 seconds to 5 minutes or so. I have an accelero twin turbo fan plugged into it, and the highest temps i have seen is 81 degrees. The only thing thats "wrong" is there is hardly any thermal paste on the gpu. Could this be the cause of the crashing?

Psu is coolermaster 550watt psu 32amps 12volt rails
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I would check on your amps on the psu 12v rail to the card and see if they are within specs. As well as a clean install of current drivers.
Are you running an overclock if so go to stock and see if it helps.
Umm. I cant even boot the card now, looks like an rma job.
I had the same issue with an Nvidia 9800 GTX+ before I bought the 4770s I have. It's not the drivers or the card. Believe it or not but I'm 99% sure that it's the motherboard. Some motherboards that claim to support a certain brand won't agree with a certain card or even that brand itself. The board I had was supposed to be an Nvidia/Radeon "universal" supporter type mobo but it never liked the Nvidia cards at all.

I can almost guarantee it's the motherboard... unfortunately...

::EDIT:: After looking at your setup I have confirmed that it IS your mobo. You're using an SLI board. Those are made solely for the usage of Nvidia cards and reject ATI with a vengeance. As much of a pain as it may be, you're gonna have to buy another mobo if you want to use that card. It'd be cheaper to get a new board than to get a new card anyway.
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the core temp isnt the only one, check through gpu-z(google, website techpowerup i think) it shows the rest of the temps.
Oh, the problem he's having now is that it won't even boot the card. He can't even use his monitor. It's the motherboard.
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