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4870x2 epic fails. please help :(

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hey guys,

hopefully someone can gve me a solution to this,
ok heres the story, I bought two 4870x2's from guys on here ( BoydyBoyd and Nightic ) a few months back, but only just got round to testing them,

well, neither of them work.

The one from Nightic displays nothing, and the one from BoydyBoyd is corrupt (lines, squares etc all over the screen)
They are both powercolour so i was hoping i could RMA them?

if not, is there some other solution to this ?

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try pulling the cmos battery and see if it clears up issues
Maybe try them in a different motherboard, that could be the issue.
I have, i tried them in a completely seperate system
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Ill take em

But if you don't want to give em to me, I would talk to the people you bought them from. Maybe they are registered and RMA'able.
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I havent done anything to either card
i know my way around a computer i've built loads
and yeah, both were sold as working :'(
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The one that is corrupt looks like it need to get RMAed because that happens when a card goes bad from temps and other things.
For the one that is corrupted with lines - cook it in an oven. Look up baking video cards on google. It fixed mine.
Been speaking to retrogamer1990 about this via PM.
Card was sold to him a couple of days after it was received back from RMA (card was brand new, not a refurb).
I tested it in my own machine (EP45-UD3P motherboard, top PCI-e slot) before sending and it was working fine.
Have now forwarded RMA details to retrogamer1990.
Please let's focus on the issues at hand and not blame the sellers or buyer.
For the one that doesn't display anything, did you try testing each DVI port?
yeah. neither works.

Oh well, I'm just gonna hang them both on the wall as expensive ornaments.

Originally Posted by retrogamer1990
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yeah. neither works.

Oh well, I'm just gonna hang them both on the wall as expensive ornaments.

You should be able to RMA them I would've thought. Most companies don't ask for receipts

Also maybe you should have contact the sellers first rather than naming them on here
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