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4890 crossfire bridge question

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Hi Folks- I'm currently building a new system with two crossfired gigabyte 4890 oc cards. There is space for two crossfire bridge connectors on each card. Unfortunately, one of the connectors is partially blocked by the factory installed Zalman cooler. Most of the research I've done points to the idea that you only need one crossfire bridge for two 4890 single-gpu cards. This is also what ATI says. However, I came across this review by Jason Landals from Futurelooks while he was reviewing a Gigabyte 4890 video card on June 11, 2009.

"The other added bonus is a little bit of a head scratcher. It comes in the form of a single Crossfire bridge. This is weird because configuring any HD 4890 in Crossfire requires two of these bridges."

I would like to know if he is correct or am I missing something.

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I have been reading up on the topic recently and it seems that it can be done with only one but "Should" be done with two (More reliable/stable?).
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