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Which one for best dual monitor experience?

  • 4890

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • 5770

    Votes: 11 73.3%
  • Others (even consider Nvidia!)...

    Votes: 0 0.0%

4890 vs 5770 vs ... for Dual Monitor! Please help

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Hi everyone,

I'm considering building a Desktop for myself after a horrible year with a laptop.

So, on what I'm considering buying, I want to buy 2 x 23 or 24 inch monitors with each being either 1920x1080 or theres a samsung one that has 2048 x 1152.

So, I'm stuck between choosing which graphic card should I choose? I'm thinking on 4890 or 5770, but not sure if they can support 2 screens at this resolution.

Considering these 2 monitors, big screen res, willing to keep the computer for around 3 years and not being much of a gamer(I do play games occasionally just to checkout the game world !), which card do you suggest?

Would really appreciate replies...
Thanks a lot
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I'd like to consider others as well. Just cannot afford more
(like 5870!)
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ya so get the 5770, and when you save up some more money, grab another one
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get one good monitor, and spend the rest on a good card(5870)
5770 will be the only one on that list that supports Eyefinity, thus you would have a better dual monitor experience with that card.
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tweaker123, well, actually I really see no point on spending all the money on graphic card since I'm not a gamer really. I'm a programmer/developer, so I need 2 big screens and want to keep my eyes instead of getting blind

Though I eventually play games and watch movies every now and then

Also, can 5770 handle 2x 1920*1080 or 2x 2048 x 1152 well?
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xxicrimsonixx, didn't know about eyefinity. thanks for pointing that out

I still have to say that I consider any other brand any other model. Just thought these two are the ones in the market that are quite good and are affordable...
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DomeD-, can you please tell a reason why 4890?
well since u dont game, just get the 5770, it does suppoter eyeinfinity, so why not.
You'd be fine with a $30 budget card if you dont game at all. I vote for a 3450.

Originally Posted by xxicrimsonixx
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5770 will be the only one on that list that supports Eyefinity, thus you would have a better dual monitor experience with that card.

Eyefinity doesn't enhance dual monitor performance. It just allows for more than 2 monitors.
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I also agree with 5770. It will support dual monitors nicely and should help with GPU acceleration in programs like Photoshop and the like if you ever need it. And If you do want to play a few games, you won't be left out as it is a decent card and supports DX11 for future games. 5770 also uses much less power (if you care).
it seems like some ppl here are getting their facts wrong with EYEFINITY - it indeed like "slowend" stated - eyefinity DOES not enhance the experience with uusing 2 desktops. extended desktop is extended desktop - eyefinity allows for SIMULTANEOUS multiple monitor support WHEN GAMING; and for one reason that id say go for the 5770 - plainly cus it'll save you a couple of bucks on the electricity bill, it runs cool, much smaller card.
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elito, I looked up eyefinity on the ATI page and it seems it affects from 2 to 6 monitors.
Since this is a technology and they put effort and consideration to it, I think it can give you more functions and options. I'll go for 5770

Anyone interested in eyefinity? read thorough this document http://www.amd.com/us/Documents/ATI_...logy_Brief.pdf

Just a question guys, since 5770 has 2 DVI outputs, it means I can connect my 2 monitors through these ports and everything will be fine? I don't need anything else?
thanks a lot
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