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4x TF2 Keys - Reading through them tonight!

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Bought these when they were $2.50...

Closed, reading through them tonight. I have a whole gallon of milk!

- 40 Unique Rep
- 400 Posts
- You must not already have TF2. Obviously.
- Saying "IN" and nothing else will permanently disqualify you.

How it works:
I'm going to mix it up a little. You can pick ANY of the following to add a caption to. If there's a chat bubble, you can fill in that. If there's no chat bubbles, you need to specify what they're saying, or just write a caption (description of what's going on in a humorous manner) for it.

YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE TO DO! (Make sure to specify which one by the title)

Diaper Stripper


Asian Love


The four that make me laugh the most will win. Do not worry which one you pick, if all four that make me laugh the most are the same picture, that's just fine.

This will end when somebody makes me shoot milk out my nose from laughing so hard. I promise to drink milk every time I check the thread.

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nice freebie,
already got the game so plz dont count me in
good luck guys

Well, here is my entry

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I decided to put my uncreative mind to edit the dancing stripper.
This is all I got.
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Liquidating your assets during an depression, including clothes, is not something taught in a business class.
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Sadly, that is the nicest thing he could find in his basement to show off his ~$100.
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I even looked for the comic book font

Batman's parents are dead but it's a meme D:!
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Haha, some pretty good ones so far.

No milk has hit my keyboard just yet though.

(I understand this might be slow - a lot of people have TF2, and this takes a little more work than saying "IN")

B*tch*s don't know 'bout mah Cash Money

EDIT: If you want to see the worst photoshop job in history, look at my attached thumbnails.
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What is that? Did you have Teriyaki without me?
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See? This is why I refuse to go on the no protein diet. Can't make web!
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