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4x512 ram

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i now have 2x512 sticks of corsair value ram, and i cant complain about them. theyve worked fine for me so far. however, i want to raise my settings in bf2 and FEAR and some other high end games and im pretty sure its my ram thats holding me back.

soooo, should i 1)just go ahead and pay $75 more dollars to get 2 more sticks of the value ram that i know works fine for my rig or 2)go through the hassle of selling my 2x512 for like $60 and buying 2x1gb sticks for ~$200 which would be an increase of about $65 the way i see it.

i know that 4x512 wouldnt be quite as fast as the 2x1gb, but is it really enough to make that big of a difference? and also, i dont really oc anything(mainly cause im a newb at this and am afraid of what i would screw up

anyways, would like to hear some input about both setups from some peeps in the know
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The 2x1G will do you best. On the other hand the 4x512 will do good eventhough you will be using a Command of 2T vs 1T but the very small performance hit is only a few %.
BTW... read up and in no time you will be OCing simply because of the improved gaming performance

That Sandy should OC to 2600 or more easily...
A little vcore and setting a RAM divider will do it
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