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5.1 tester

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is there a free program that can test my subwoofer and 5.1 surround sound?
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well from my your avatar it looks like you play CS:S. There is an audio tester in that. It will play a sound on each speaker. ex. "Front left" "front right" back right, back left, etc
well i am at my dads so thats a no-go because i am an a pos e-machines....
Good Point Blackeagle...Also with your Onboard sound drivers you can sometimes get an Audio control panel to test such things out.
hmm where would this be found?
Get NCH tone generator and sweep from low to high, that will most deffinatly tell you if you speakers work, but if you want to test each speaker then go here for surround samples http://www.virtualworlds.de/AudioCut...nload.html#snd
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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