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5 GHz 24/7 OC Club

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Thanks to Benjiw for the logo.

The purpose behind me creating this club is to share info and tips for those wishing to run such high clocks 24/7.... and to brag a bit lol
Since this isn't just a "fun run" OC club I have to ask for a bit more than just a 5ghz validation link to prove that your OC is in fact useable, however stability isn't going to be the main focus of the rules mostly due to how hard it can be to get 5ghz fully stable for some and there are many who use 5+ghz daily and have never tested it. That being said, here are the rules:

1. Must be running 5ghz or higher for base clock on all cores, not boost on single core (all core boost is ok as long as it maintains through the test).

2. Must provided proof of viability of overclock

To prove your OC can be ran 24/7 stable is technically impossible since any OC'd or even stock system can lose stability at any time for a variety of reasons ranging from bad software to failing hardware. Therefore, I have had to make a determination of what can give a reasonable amount of proof without requiring a ridiculous amount of time. This is what I've decided on:
Download OCCT if you haven't already: http://www.ocbase.com/index.php/download

Install and run with the following options:

-Select CPU linpack tabe

-Select Automatic button and set time to 10 mins

-Set Memory to 50%

-Check 64 bit and AVX capable options

Now run the stress test.... after it runs it will open a fold with a bunch of graphs in it. Open the cpu usage graph

Now take a screen shot showing the OCCT software, the cpu usage graph, and some other temp monitoring software showing the package temp of the cpu (open hardware, core temp, hwinfo, etc)**

**Please include your OCN username somewhere in the screenshot to keep others from using your screenshot later to fake entry**

It should look like mine here with the exception that I haven't included my OCN username

For entry to be valid, core temps must be within safe limits for your particular cpu for the entire time and the results must not show any errors.

**For those using speed stepping AKA power saving features please include the graph that shows your clock speeds stayed at or above 5ghz during the test, Thanks

For those interested below is the old entry method:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)INTEL users: This is only for Intel users, no AMD user may use this method at this time and all Intel users who enter by this method will be put on a separate list. All Rules apply accept that you may use OCCT linepack for 10 mins as your test. I still want a screenshot showing all cores at 100% during test with core temperature clearly visible and a post shot showing that core temps never went over max on any monitoring software of your choice. Included in screenshots must be proof of passing.

1. Must use 5.0ghz or above 24/7 On All cores.... that's it...

As a "means of proof" I ask for a bit more than just showing a cpuz image and validation link. Please read carefully the requirements below:

A. You must show two screenshots, one of IBT AVX running at standard and one showing the success window after running 10 runs on standard. It should be noted that negative results are unstable, and therefore even if a success window is obtained, they will not be accepted... it should be 3.xxx if its stable. Link to IBT AVX

B. In those screenshots you must also have in an open cpuz window and some form of core temp monitoring software showing temps to be in your cpu's acceptable range during the test.

C. The screenshots must also show some monitoring software showing your cpu usage at 100% during the test and a max usuage of 100% in the screenshot after the test. Please make sure this is clearly visable

D. The cpu speed doesn't have stay at 5ghz after the stress, just during the test all cores must be at 5ghz.... this means you can still use power saving states...

If at all possible please follow the layout in the examples below.

exception: if your hardware monitoring program shows that the clock never dropped below 5 ghz and 100% I'll take just one screenshot after the run... but it must show min clocks and max clocks Due to a possible work around a friend pointed out, I'm removing this exception to prevent fraudulent entries... sorry.

examples, and my qualifications (update)..... gflops stink on mine lol because I was running the test while writing this among other things...

here is one proving my stability though... just because I can... not that this is absolute proof, but it does show better than 10 runs of standard does.

1. Pyounpy-2 5.4GHZ!!! 1.39 vcore max Intel Core I7-7740X ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex <-- delided cpu!

2. Dragonsyph 5.3ghz 1.36vcore Intel Core I7- 8700k ASROCK Z370 Taichi

3. scracy 5.205 GHZ 1.405vcore Intel Core I7-7700K ASUS Maximus VIII Formula

4. broodro0ster 5.2 ghz 1.46 vcore Intel core I7-8700K Asus Rog Maximus X Hero

5. Kuresu 5.149ghz 1.296vcore Intel Core I7-8700k ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex

6. MaKeN 5.110 GHZ 1.344 vcore Intel Core I7-7700 MSI Z270 Gaming M7 (MS-7A57)

7. gammagoat 5.104ghz 1.52 Intel Core I7-8700K Asus Rog Maximus Hero X

8. KnightLion 5.012 1.421 vcore Intel Core I7- 7700K MSI Z270 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM MS-7A58

9. Yetyhunter 5.009 1.34vcore Intel Core I7- 8700k Asus Rog Strix Z370-E gaming

10. SMK 5.005 GHZ 1.35vcore Intel Core I7- 7700K Gigabyte Z270X gaming K5

11. Pyounpy-2 5.005GHZ 1.35 vcore max Intel Core I9 7900X ASUS ROG Rampage VI Apex <--delided

12. cjm 5.002 GHZ 1.37 vcore Intel Core I7-7700K ASUS Maximus IX Formula

13. cdnGhost 5.000GHZ 1.3 vcore Intel i5-7600k MSI Z270 Krait Gaming

14. LittleMeezers 5.000Ghz 1.4 vcore max Intel I7-4790K Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-CF

15. l Nuke l 5.000 Ghz 1.318 vcore Intel I7 8700K ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X APEX

16. infinitypoint 5.000 Ghz 1.335 vcore Intel I7 8086k Asrock Gaming K6 board delided with custom IHS

Old Grandfathered in Member List:

1. DeScheep 5.418 ghz 1.572 vcore AMD 8370E ASUS CHV-Z <=== Phase Change cooling!

2. AsusJunkie 5.359 1.788 vcore Intel I5 6600K Gigabyte Gaming 7 <== I wouldn't put that voltage on AMD!

3. mus1mus 5.310ghz 1.620 vcore AMD FX 8370E Sabertooth 990FX R2

4. inedenimadam 5.227ghz 1.424 vcore Intel I5 3570K ASUS P8Z77-V.

5. minotaurtoo 5.217 ghz 1.548 vcore AMD FX9590 Sabertooth 990FX R2

6. PolRoger 5.217ghz 1.500 vcore (load) AMD FX8370 ASUS CHV-Z

7. The Sandman 5.217ghz 1.524 vcore (load) AMD FX9590 ASUS CHV-Z

8. scracy 5.201ghz 1.38 vcore Intel 7700k Asus Maximus VIII Formula

9. PolRoger 5.126ghz 1.472 vcore Intel 2500K Asus Maximus V

10. cssorkinman 5.117ghz 1.524 (load) vcore AMD FX8370E ASUS CHV-Z

11. 033Y5 5.116 ghz 1.500 vcore AMD FX 8350 CHV- Z

12. mirzet1976 5.109 ghz 1.548 vcore AMD FX 8320 Sabertooth 990FX R2 *stated 1.584vcore max

13. fat4l 5.100 1.348vcore Intel I7 4790K ASUS Maximus VII Hero

14. scracy 5.087ghz 1.440 vcore Intel 4790K Gigabyte Z87X UD4H-CF

15. Avidean 5.049ghz 1.551 vcore Intel I7 4770K Sabertooth Z87

16. cssorkinman 5.042ghz 1.596 (load) vcore AMD FX9370 CHV-Z

17. ku4jb 5.037ghz 1.500vcore AMD FX6300 M5A99FX

18. miklkit 5.037ghz 1.512vcore AMD FX8370 Sabertooth 990FX R2 <---- on AIR COOLING

19. NonXistant 5.031 1.596 vcore AMD FX 8370 Saberthooth 990FX R3

20. Chris635 5.028ghz 1.608 vcore AMD FX8350 ASUS CHV-Z

21. cssorkinman 5.024 ghz 1.63 vcore AMD 8370e MSI 990 GAMING

22. alex4069 5.022ghz 1.572 vcore AMD FX6300 Gigabyte 990FX UD5

23. Tasm 5.022 ghz 1.488 vcore AMD FX 8350 UD7... and H110 cooling<-- thought this was interesting.

24. cssorkinman 5.022ghz 1.608 vcore (load) AMD FX 9370 Gigabyte UD5

25. Kalistoval 5.017ghz 1.56vcore (load) AMD FX 8370 ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2

26. ShrimpBrime 5.017ghz 1.524 vcore AMD FX 8370E Asus Crosshair Formula-Z

27. agung79 5.016ghz 1.548 vcore AMD FX9370 ASUS CHV-Z

28. rickcooperjr 5.016ghz 1.536 vcore AMD FX9590 Sabertooth 990FX R2

29. JourneymanMike 5.016ghz 1.57 vcore AMD FX8350 ASUS CHV-Z

30. RWS JEREMY 5.011ghz 1.524 load AMD FX8350 Sabertooth 990FX R2

31. gordesky1 5.009 1.572 load AMD FX8370E Sabertooth 990FX R2

32. Iwamotto Tetsuz 5.008 1.456vcore load AMD FX 9370 Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7

33. GTRtank 5.006 1.392 vcore Intel I7 3770K Asus P8Z77-V, Air cooled! Noctua NH-D15 (delidded w/CLU)

34. white owl 5.004 1.441 Intel 4690K Asus Sabertooth Z97 MkII 2

35. hcn 5.004ghz 1.472vcore Intel I7 3930K Asus Rampage 4 Extreme

36. JourneymanMike 1.464 vcore Intel I7 4790K Asus Maximus VII Formula Z97

37. Benjiw 5.003 1.548 vcore AMD FX8350 Sabertooth 990FX R2

38. Alastair 5.003 1.476 vcore AMD FX8370 ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0

39. DirektEffekt 1.39 vcore Intel 4790K ASUS Maximus VII Gene

40. Bal3Wolf 5.000 1.536 vcore Intel 2600K ASUS SABERTOOTH P67

41. ASO7 5.000 1.488 vcore Intel I5 2500K Asus P8P67 Deluxe

42. supermi 5.000 1.448 vcore Intel I7 4930K Asus Rampage Extreme IV

43. Orthello 5.000 1.48 vcore Intel I7 4820K Asus RIVE.

44. bakemono 5.000 ghz 1.328 vcore load Intel I7 7700K ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme

Useful Info on temps for AMD FX:



club banner:
| 5ghz 24/7 club|
(hit quote and copy this to use in sig)
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8370E 5016mhz 1.5v

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added... I didn't see the type of motherboard you have listed, its not required, but if you want it added in the list just let me know what kind it is and I'll add it in...

Thanks for joining
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Asus CHV-Z on that one.
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Originally Posted by cssorkinman View Post

Asus CHV-Z on that one.
thanks to you too, I'm hoping to do a "proper" list style later, but my web skills are nothing... basically I haven't been seriously involved in web pages/forums since the mid 90's so I'm trying to catch up a bit... also looking for a proper logo too... I think I my crack out my old graphics software and try to make my own.. .last design I made on my own is my desktop lol... and its partially plagiarized
for the logo?... hmmm something with a big 5 small GHZ with 24/7 there too and maybe something flamy lol... or lightening strike... not too picky, just something to give the hint of risk involved with pushing this hard... and thanks btw
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Be nice to use stress test of choice. IBT, AIDA 64 (my choice), PRIME 95, OCCT ETC.

unofficial 4930k 5.1ghz daily 1.45(6)v daily , sub zero evap at -40c to -45c daily
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Originally Posted by supermi View Post

Be nice to use stress test of choice. IBT, AIDA 64 (my choice), PRIME 95, OCCT ETC.

unofficial 4930k 5.1ghz daily 1.45(6)v daily , sub zero evap at -40c to -45c daily
I thought about letting any short run of stress test do, but for maintaining a level playing field I chose the shortest test I could think of.... nice clock
especially on intel its hard to do.

I would love to add you to the list... especially since its an intel chip... I bet it scores big on cinebench..
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Originally Posted by Benjiw View Post

Hows this?
Just a quick idea, nothing special I guess.

looks good... +rep how about putting a small 24 on the left of the fire and a small 7 on the right? if you think it will look ok... I'm not that great at design... but even as is its great.
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Originally Posted by Benjiw View Post

Here are some "Finals", let me know what you think.

think I like this one... nice job.. If you want I'll put a link to your profile (or whatever) for credit to you... and of coarse you can put your signature on the logo somewhere.
Originally Posted by RedGreenGeek View Post

That logo is nice. Hope I can join one day..
yes it is a nice one... its nice of him to design it for the club... and I'm sure one day you'll make it if you want to... its hard, but can be done with the right cooling... especially on AMD's vishera chips.. almost easy on them if you get lucky...
I'll upload it to my behance and stuff so people will know it's mine, if you give me a few mins I'll shrink it down etc and make a few versions for badges etc. Do you have any sizes in mind?
Originally Posted by Benjiw View Post

I'll upload it to my behance and stuff so people will know it's mine, if you give me a few mins I'll shrink it down etc and make a few versions for badges etc. Do you have any sizes in mind?
for the header on the club page 500 x 500 would seem to be a good size... not sure on badges and stuff just, honestly I had only thought it out to the point of having a graphic for the header lol, so best to go with what you think is best there.... I could use some education on how/where all it could be used too... still on the re-learning curve on forums lol... been just repairing / building PC's for so long now and ignoring the web and such.
Do you have any idea on what you want the header to look like because it wouldn't take me long to make it for you, a simple sketch of your rough ideas and some notes and i'll just drop it together like I did with your logo.
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I was just going to use the graphic as the header like this thread: http://www.overclock.net/t/678487/official-5ghz-overclock-club
Could you PM me your email so I can send you the 500x500px image you want for the header, I think the forum compresses images slightly.
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