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Hey everyone,

So I tried OC my rig.
CPU Host Frequency (200)
CPU Clock (x21)
Uncore (x16)
Core Voltage (1.35) (I intial had it at 1.28 so I cranked it up to 1.35. Ill bring it down to a lower voltage. During 50passess of linx CPU Core temp never broke 75C. So that is a plus)

Mem Freq (2:8) (Just placed Corsair Dom GT 6GB 1600mhz into the rig)

CPU VTT (+50mv)
DIMM (1.64v)

With VDroop ON

Everything else is set to auto basically (should i mess with the QPI / ICH ?)
Also, about timings. in the Bios is says my timings are 11-11-11-24? Stock timings for the GT i got are 7-7-7-20? Should I change them manually in the BIOS and will that help create or stability? I am gonna try to run a P95 soon. See how that goes.

Any guidance will be most appreciative.
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