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$500 Canadian Budget Gaming Build

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A friend of mine is looking to buy a tower for $500, I told him he'd be better off buying the components and assembling. He is in Canada so Canadian etailers links please. His only expression to me was he wants to play SC2 on Ultra settings.

(No OS since I already have found a deal on that)
Thanks in advance

NO OVERCLOCKING at all. Here is what I was thinking:

The 450 is supposed to do 1080P ultra in SC2

I'm not sure if a 450 will play on ultra settings, but do know a q6600+5770 and e6400+GTX 260 will
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Originally Posted by CravinR1
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I just noticed the cpu is OEM, can you give me a canadian link to a good HSF? As mentioned earlier no OC'ing so price is the important point here

CM 212+

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