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$500 Canadian Budget Gaming Build

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A friend of mine is looking to buy a tower for $500, I told him he'd be better off buying the components and assembling. He is in Canada so Canadian etailers links please. His only expression to me was he wants to play SC2 on Ultra settings.

(No OS since I already have found a deal on that)
Thanks in advance

NO OVERCLOCKING at all. Here is what I was thinking:

The 450 is supposed to do 1080P ultra in SC2

I'm not sure if a 450 will play on ultra settings, but do know a q6600+5770 and e6400+GTX 260 will
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Any of the following cards are great for a budget conscious SC2 build: (some would be best found used, others new).

8800 Ultra, 9800GTX/+, GTS250/450, GTX260/275/280/460-768MB/460SE

Anything above that level of performance is generally going to be wasted in an SC2 build, ESPECIALLY a non-OCed AMD build as it's one of those games that tends to bottle at the CPU and it only really uses about 1.5 cores so it needs faster cores, not more of them to work better. The i3-2100 Is a far better SC2 CPU if you are not planning to OC. SC2 is one of those few games where to get the best value the CPU should be the most expensive components in the build, not the GPU. (most other games scale better with expensive GPU builds).

I would suggest dropping to a higher clocked 2-3 core AMD, or doing an i3 build.

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