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5000+ BE OC temps

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Noob here bare with me.

HW monitor is showing both cores in the mid to upper 30s under "100%" load (Prime95) while my ASUS PC probe shows 59*C @ 3.2ghz.

Im guessing that HW monitor is getting false readings, since i know my CPU cooler isn't that good. I have read here that these chips notoriously show false temps.

What other programs would you guys suggest i try for monitoring CPU temps on these chips?
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Try Coretemp.
You are correct the brisbane cores are notorious for giving false readings.
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ok thanks. Got it, temps look like they are accurate, but its showing frequency of 2057. (1.2ghz lower then it actually is)

Reads 128.59x 16

CPU Z says 3214, odd.
Most Brisbane cores do not report temps correctly.

Mine bounces around all the time, and idles @ 3-4 degrees... LOL.

use Speedfan... It shows me core and CPU temps.
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when using hw monitor check the TMPIN0 temperature. for me that is the cpu temp. TMPIN1 is the motherboard/system temperature and TMPIN2 is a false reading that jumps all over the place.

any program that gives you individual core temps will always give you false readings because your core is a Brisbane.

as for your frequency reporting issue, as long as the bios reports the same as cpuz dont believe anything else.
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