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50th Anniversary Super Tower PC (Corsair 1000D)

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Hi all.. Starting a new thread, I figured I might as well share this build with everyone. I know you are probably wondering so I will address this first. The reason for the "50th Anniversary" title is simply because I am celebrating my 50th year on earth and I thought there was no better time to treat myself to a new PC build. I fired the wife a while ago so this anniversary is all about me :LOL:. I figure 50 years is long enough to justify giving "value" the bird, waste a bunch of money and foolishly go all out and build "the best" latest and greatest PC I can build for myself. :cool:

Fun fact (for you, not for me lol) - there are $600 worth of Lian Li fans shown in the picture. o_O

I did NOT pay "scalper" prices for anything. 100% MSRP build.

I finally received all of the parts and was able to take a group photo ;) . Although both the CPU and the GPU will be water-cooled, this is technically more of just the first phase. I do intend to fully take advantage of the space available in this monster case with a custom open loop but for now I'm building it with closed loops via AIOs. The open loop will come much later once I can come up with a plan and order all the fittings, etc.

I am taking a lot of inspiration from this BRO build (amazing). I am using very different components but the same case and my goal is to end up with something similar. I would love to purchase some of the distro plates used in this video. Super clean!

Thanks for viewing the thread & being a part of this build with me! If you have any suggestions/feedback I would ❤ to hear them.

<Here is the current parts list>
Corsair 1000D Super Tower + Optional 8 120mm Fan tray + Optional 4 120mm Fan tray
PSU: Corsair AX1600i + Lian Li Strimer Plus V2 + CableMod PRO Series Kit
MB: ASUS Z790 Maximum Extreme
CPU: Intel i9 13900K (8P/8E/32T) + TG CPU Frame + TG Kryonaut Extreme
CPU Cooler: ASUS Ryujin II ARGB
MEM: G.Skill Trident Z5 7600MT/s 2x16GB
GPU: MSI Suprim Liquid (Flashed to X BIOS of course) + CableMod Sleeved 12VHPWR
SSD: WD SN550X 2TB + WD SN550 2TB
FANS: Lian Li Infinity SL-INF 120mm x (18)
CAPTURE: Live Gamer Bolt (ThunderBolt Capture Card to maintain x16 for GPU)

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Got the Thermal Grizzly CPU frame installed and motherboard tests good so far. I am coming from an older X79 platform so the CPU "SP" and cooler rating is a bit new to me. I just watched buildzoid's video to get some orientation with the SP rating. Looking in the BIOS I have a SP 101 rating for this 13900K which seems like it might actually be pretty good. His video was about 12th gen CPUs so I don't know if the SP ratings he discussed are equal to the 13th gen or not. The cooler rating is 177 with the Thermal Grizzly CPU frame and Thermal Grizzly Extreme TIM.

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Been a bit under the weather (tis the season) but managed to get things started. I took some pictures as I got going but lost a bunch <smh>. I basically just installed the power supply with the cablemod cables and started to get familiar with the case. It is a pretty neat design and so far I like it a lot. Until you've built a system in a particular case you really don't know how everything is going to fit.

There was a (5) 3.5" hard drive cage at the bottom of the case and since I am only using NVMe drives this had to go. I tried to remove the drive cage but it was riveted in (oversight by Corsair IMO)... so time to drill. (9) drilled out rivets later and the drive bay was gone.

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I installed the motherboard, AIO cooler, rad fans in push/pull and the GPU and rad AIO in push/pull also... but I really don't like how it looks.. The case is so huge that I cannot mount the AIO in the front of the case as the tubes do not reach. The CPU 360 will fit up top and the GPU 240 in the back but it kind of looks jank because I cannot manage the tubes well... and covers up the motherboard's dot matrix display.

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These are just test fits anyway so I am going to see what I can do. I did buy the optional (8) 120mm fan tray so I think I will replace the top (4) 120mm fan tray and try to mount both the 360 and the 240 up top if the gpu tubes reach.

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Installed the top 8x120mm tray and moved the CPU/GPU rad to it. I think it looks better and not blocking the MB dot matrix now.

This is the first time I have ever mounted 2 AIOs in the top of the case... a little odd but I think it looks better than before. Sadly I 'need' more fans now to fill out the front to create positive air pressure :rolleyes:. I'll leave the empty spaces at the top for now. These fans literally cost a fortune... up to $700 in just stinkin' fans now. I am wondering if these fans come with an insane asylum membership discount lol.

Once I have 8 intake fans in the front I am hoping I'll be able to create positive air pressure but technically with the push/pull configs I will have more exhaust fans in total. There will be 12 exhaust fans total and 8 intake fans but since all of the exhaust fans on top are stacked (10 of them) and have to push through rads I might be able to consider it equivalent to 7 exhaust (maybe less?) and 8 intake.. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this config achieving positive air pressure.

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