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560 ti 448 classified, adding a second card, worth it?

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I've got my eye on duplicate of the same card i already have, refurbished. looking to get it for roughly 200 dollars. At that price, would it be worth it to put that card into sli with my current one, or just scrape up some extra cash and move straight to a better single card?
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At 200 dollars no. I would sell ur current card and get a beastly single GPU.
Yea... I had a 448 but I think getting moving up to a better single card is better especially since you're using a single monitor.

A 7950 can be had for cheap

And then you can crossfire those in the future and they could scale well, if heat's an issue Closed loop coolers are an option.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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