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560 Ti question

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Im using the GTX560 Ti from MSI (TF2) and ive got a little question.

In mafia 2 Benchmark, with settings from the 2nd 'Gamer' options from this thread: http://www.overclock.net/benchmarkin...rk-scores.html

Im getting only 64 FPS on the benchmark on average, yet people with weaker cards (Alot weaker to say the least) like 5830 get 64-65, and a little weaker GTX470 is getting 104 FPS

What gives? Wheres my additional FPS gone ?

My other specs are

Amd Phenom II X4 965
4GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjaw ram
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a lot of people talk out their ass or have lower settings.

id love to see a 470 get 100+ fps in the mafia2 benchmark maxed settings
A lot of those people are running i5/i7 systems. You also have to take overclocking into consideration.
an i5 surely would not increase the FPS by 40, and there was a person claiming a 5830 on a Athlon X3 did 63 FPS, provided with screenshot.

Myu drivers etc are up to date, is my card running fine or ?

Also the GTX560 from MSI has been factory OC'd to 880mhz from 830 or so, and I increased the clock further to 900.
No, like I said, look at the thread. Last page a 5830 is getting same results as me on a worse card/worse CPU, and others provided screenshots with the results.
I ran this on my x3 720BE @ 3.5ghz rig with an HD 5830 @ 875/1200... at the "gamer" setting specified in the OP. Catalyst 10.9...

Min: 8.5fps
Max: 111.1 fps
Avg: 62.4 fps

he lied. min of 8.5fps? no way does it dip that low and get 60fps avg.

also the 480 had a 470 for physx and was i7 overclocked to 4.2ghz...

The screenshot I believe, the other, I dont at all.

If you do believe it, well ill sell you my windows 98 ibm aptiva that scores 20k on 3dmark06 with an xpert98 graphics card
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It was likely a combination of them using a lower resolution and a i5/i7, usually i5/i7's perform better than amd processors at lower resolutions. It could also be overclocking like someone said, both your cpu and gpu.

There are way too many variables for you to be comparing one persons results to yours. If your fine with how your card performs, then don't worry about it.
Resolution was the same at least from screenshots which is the only proof, and I know Intel is a better solution but I dont buy the extra 40 frames in such a game, i5 (Not SB) which were tested in the thread are not that much better than my phenom.

Just did a 3DMark11 just to see if the card is working at it's full potential, and got P4241 score. Dont know if thats any good ?
They had PhysX off? I know with PhysX on, I only get like 30-40fps average or so on my system. AA off, everything else max.
They had PhysX off and so Had I. I linked the thread link, you can see the screenshot with settings...
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