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560 vs 560ti

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I can't seem to find any good benchmarks comparing the two directly, so my question is, does the 560 have more value than the 560ti?

If it's a piece of junk, then I'm thinking a 570 since the 560ti is already over $200. But I would rather spend less, so long as it's not a rip-off. And no, I will not buy AMD cards (poor Linux support). And keep in mind I will not be upgrading graphics for another 4 years probably. (also, i read that the 560ti has 3x performance of 8800gt on the nVidia website, is that true lol?)
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In less than 3 years no matter what you buy right now will be obsolete. Only the GTX 590 might hold a candle to newer cards.

There's 2 choices you can make:

1. Buy a cheaper card now, save some money and upgrade in 2 years. For example you could try finding a GTX 560TI for $200. In 2 years, spending another $200 will get you a much more powerful card.

2. Spend $400 and buy expensive right now (aka GTX 580) and pray that it will manage to max out your favorite games for the next 4 years (unlikely).

As for GTX 560 vs GTX 560TI, the TI is faster by about 10-20%.
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