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560 vs 560ti

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I can't seem to find any good benchmarks comparing the two directly, so my question is, does the 560 have more value than the 560ti?

If it's a piece of junk, then I'm thinking a 570 since the 560ti is already over $200. But I would rather spend less, so long as it's not a rip-off. And no, I will not buy AMD cards (poor Linux support). And keep in mind I will not be upgrading graphics for another 4 years probably. (also, i read that the 560ti has 3x performance of 8800gt on the nVidia website, is that true lol?)
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The best piece of information anyone can give you about this topic is that buying a 560 non Ti at full price is literally like throwing away $50 compared to buying a 460.

Edit - The 560 non Ti is a lower performance version of it's Ti counterpart. There's been many threads about the 560 non ti on here. Price to performance ratio wise you get more for your money if you buy a 460 or 560 Ti than you would with a 560 non ti at full price.

Edit 2 - Then there's also the aspect that the high-end 560 Ti's offer close to 570 performance for significantly cheaper, but, as always, if you want 570 performance get a 570.

Edit 3 - If you absolutely want to get as much performance as you can with your budget, look for open box 560 Ti's.
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