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5750 Crossfire or 5850?

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5750 Crossfire or 5850?

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Got myself a 5750, should I get another one or get a 5850?
And if I crossfire them, could I use 1GB or 2GB in games?
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I would go with the 5850 and then crossfire that later on.
Not sure how 5750's scale. If you had a 5770, then I would of went that route with CF since they scale so well.

so, single 5850 if you can find one.
5850 Cf only uses memory from one card. if you want two gig used you need the 5970.

other than that id say one 5850. but since you have one 5750, just go ahead and get another unless you really need the extra frames, sell it.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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