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5750 or 5770?

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I don't plan on CF/SLI. This will be on an i5-750 setup. Besides slightly faster clock speeds, is there anything I'm missing that a 5770 has over the 5750? I like the 5750's price point....

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5770 has better performance overall... Like comparing the 4870 and 4850. The 5770 will give you higher framerates in games and also has more muscle for DX11's tesselation features.
mainstream cards with last gen performance.

5750 = 4850
5770 = 4870

its around a 20%-30% boost, worth the extra bucks imo.
+1 on 5770.

Worth the money for sure.
Other differences:

5770 has 800 stream processors.

5750 has 720.

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5770 has 800 stream processors.

5750 has 720.
Ding ding ding ding ding!!!!

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If you have the money get the better one. In this case that would obviously be the 5770.
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