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5770 - Horizontal line glitching when OC'd

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Hi everyone, hopefully someone can help me figure out whats going wrong with my setup.

Basically got a 5770 and it runs fine on stock. However, if you increase the core by even 1 mhz it will begin to glitch. I'm not sure how to explain the glitch but I recorded it off my phone and put it up on youtube.

Sorry for the poor video quality, attempted to record it with my phone. The noise is my stupid stylus swinging back and forth.

Using 9.11 drivers.

Here are the steps I'm taking in the video.
1) Attempt to hover over hyperlinks on stock core clock, no issues
(I'm doing this my moving my cursor vertically over the different thread titles)
2) Go back to MSI Afterburner and increase core clock by 1 Mhz
3) Go back to hovering over hyperlinks and glitch presents itself
4) Reset MSI Afterburner back to default settings
5) Hover over hyperlinks no problem

It's the same result whether I use Afterburner of CCC.
Running it at stock gives me no problems what so ever.

I currently have a TV and a monitor hooked up to it and the problem only seems to present itself when the TV is plugged into the video card. By pure fluke I discovered the OC worked perfectly fine when only the monitor was plugged in. I currently use a VGA cable and DVI-to-VGA adapter but the same thing was happening when I was using HDMI.

I'm suspecting a driver issue but was wondering if anyone else had seen this problem. I recall someone in another thread mentioned a similar problem but don't think it was ever resolved.
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Well if your having the flickering problem with both TV and monitor plugged in there it sounds like the card is not stable and under the stress it flickers. Out of curiosity, what power supply are you using?
Thanks for the reply.

Just updated my specs.


The thing that confuses me is that if the TV isn't plugged in it OC fine...
If it is, even a 1Mhz increase in core or in memory causes it to flicker (not sure what the correct term is here).
Increase your voltage.
Wow that is extremely odd.
Just after a 1mhz core bump.
The 9.11 drivers for some reason are NOT very good with 5770's.
Believe me, I know.

Try either the 9.12betas or 9.10.
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Thanks for the input guys.

Forgot to mention that a voltage increase did not help. At one stage I was at 1.2v for a 1 Mhz increase and did not help.

I'm at work at the moment but will try new drivers when I get back home.

I recall reading someone in the huge 5770 owners club thread posting about a similar issue but no one seemed to respond to it. For the life of me I can't seem to remember who posted it or even what page it was on.

Edit: Not sure if it's clear in the video, but the flickering only occurs when I'm either dragging a window around or moving cursor over hyperlinks.
I have a HIS 5770 and I get exactly the same thing, horizontal flickering/glitching when I OC and drag/resize windows or hover on links. When computer goes into screen saver mode, it really freaks out.

I'm going to try the 9.10's and see if it makes a difference.

Don't know if it's related, but when I decrease the fan speed, the temps actually drop 4 to 6C. I normally run the fan at 40-45% but lowering it to 30%, temps drop.
Do you happen to have 2 displays as well? As soon as I saw the flickering I turned the OC off.

That's an interesting point about the temps. Will have to investigate for myself...

Edit: oops just noticed you had 2 monitors in your sig.
Do you get the same error when you unplug one?

Using the driver found at the following link seems to have fixed the flicker issue.

Will need alot more tweaking but managed 960/1350 after a quick run at stock volts, hitting max of 79 after 5 minute furmark run. Is this too high?

9763 in 3dmark for GPU score.

Thanks everyone for your input. Had no idea that there were 9.12beta drivers out. CCC Still reports catalyst 9.11 though so dunno what's up there but it works and that's all that matters
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I haven't tried just one monitor to see if it stops.

I'll give those drivers a try.

Glad to know it seems to be fixed!

+1 for your research
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Those drivers you linked to, say they are for the 5970, I tried installing them but it was a no go.

I was mistaking on reducing the fan speed decreasing the core temp. The core temp decreases from 45C idle to 37C idle when I OC. I can increase core speed by 1MHz from stock and the temps will drop. I think this is a driver issue.

I'm using the 9.10 drivers and I still get the horizontal tearing/glitching when the card is OC'd even by 1MHz.

I guess it's stock speeds for me and 45 degree idle temps.
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Well turns out it didn't fix it unfortunately.

Don't know if it's the software or the TV but I OC'd it and sat down to watch some video files and the TV started playing up till I reset the settings. The monitor has no flicker/tearing at all.

The TV's flicker was different though... looked more like a refresh issue. The flicker itself this time was a thin black horizontal line which starts at the top and gradually flcikers it's way to the bottom only to start again.

Edit: Just re-OC'd looks to happen when I scroll. Was happening when I had a video file playing last night. This is at 960/1350 @ stock/1.150/1.175 volts.

I've got 42 idle atm. Using a custom fan profile setting found in the big 5770 thread and it seems to work quite well.
After fiddling around with it some more over the weekend, found out the glitching was only occuring on the left monitor.

Using those 5970 drivers I posted earlier, the glitching was confined to the left screen only. If I used the monitor as a left screen then it would flicker. Use the TV as a left screen then that would flicker.
I later tried with the 9.11 and to my surprise it was confined to the left screen as well. I'm no longer getting flickering as bad as I have on the youtube video posted, not sure what was causing the heavy flickering as shown in the video but will attempt to record the new flicker I'm getting when I get home.

I found a thread online and it's related to a problem users are getting on the 5870 and I think 5970 as well. Will edit this post with the address once I get back from work.

This was after a fresh format since I screwed up the windows installation on my SSD.

iSpark, do you have a v2 or a v1? I'm thinking there might be something related to the Samsung chips or the later batches.
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Hi peetah

I have the version 1 5770, the bat mobile!

My glitch is on the right monitor. It is plugged into the top DVI port on the card.
Have you tried swapping the order around in display properties?
Our issues seems so similar yet so different

I'm hoping the issue will be resolved with the next driver update. It's apparently a known issue over at the AMD/ATi boards but mainly concerned the 5870, although there was one guy who posted with a 5770.

There was one guy who claimed changing his PSU fixed it so I might try removing and re-attaching those PCI-Express power cables from the unit and the card.

Out of curiosity, are both monitors connected via DVI or are any with a DVI-VGA converter?
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Na, haven't tried switching the monitor cables yet. I'll check that in a minute.

Both are connected by DVI, no adapters.
Have the same problem on a Sapphire 5770 1GB was overclocking ok when my 22in monitor was connected via VGA to DVI adapter overclock stable till 942/1422 @76C then i bought a hdmi cable and hooked it up even at the smallest over clock i have the same glitch as the video above more noticeable in the server selection screen for games in particular COD WAW any way i tried to capture a video of the glitch using fraps but when i played it back and nothing everything looked fine the distortions i saw were not recorded im thinking it's my hdmi port on the card i know its not the cable or monitor tested it out on my laptop that also has hdmi no issue i tried the above beta drivers to no avail let me know if you guys figure it out

PS i have a duel monitor setup tried disconnecting the other monitor no change
my set up
mobo DFI LP DK 790fx MR2
RAM 4gb corsair
CPU AMD 5000+ 2.6ghz OC 3.22GHZ
GPU sapphire 5770 1 GB cooler Zalman 900
PSU OCZ 700 watt
windows 7 ultimate 64
Monitor 1 Hannspree 22in HF229H via HDMI
Monitor 2 Neovo 19in via DVI

laptop HP DV9740us
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That happends when you go from 2d to 3d clocks and back add the same issue, got it fixed by locking it in 3d but if the new drivers work then great, I got 2 display too but I was getting it even with no overclock. WhenI get home from work will try the new driver I hope it fixes it cause I dont want to spend 2 weeks with no comp. to RMA.

I`m the one that posted it in the Club Thread. and only left moniter too.
I pretty much gave up.
Waiting for driver update before I attempt overclocking it again.
Had the same issue with regards to ingame. I loaded up L4D2 and the menu went insane.

I seem to be getting a similar glitching now regardless of driver. Instead of huge flickers I would get a thin black bar flash on my left screen and slowly progress down. I'll try and take a video of it over the weekend been swamped. The thing is, I was getting the glitch seen in the video when I had Windows installed on a single 500GB and a 2x500GB raid array. I then bought an SSD and the thin black flicker started to occur and only on the left monitor.

Quite bemused to hear it happening with no overclock GOTFrog...
9.12 drivers didn't fix it.

Will try locking in 3d mode later on in the weekend.

Wish mine glitched with no OC so that I could RMA it.
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