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5770 not on Speedfan

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i was wondering if you guys can
show me how to get it in speedfan
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This is quite simple but I also got lost the first time I used the program so I can't blame you.

First open the program, go into configure, and make sure a check mark is in the GPU box. This should do it.
it doesnt show up.
cause as soon i popped in my new gpu
and it couldnt install the drivers correctly.
like you know what i mean when you install
a new hardware and it was searching automaticaly
for drivers on the bottom right corner?
I was wondering this too. I would like to be able to follow my temps with speedfan. Any ideas?
I've never gotten speedfan to show gpu temps with an ati card, only w/nvidia. It bums me out too, because I love speedfan, been using it forever, it's like the first thing I set up on a new install. It's sweet to be able to auto-adjust fan speeds in your case in response to your gfx card temps ... I miss that since I sold the 295.

You should email the maker and ask him what UP with only NV and no ATI support!?!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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